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We believe in the power of (good) stories. Told at the right time to the right person we can create advertising¬†that is relevant and adds value to people’s lives.

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Individual topics address interested readers out of your target groups. Multivariate testing ensures optimized delivery and generates feedback for further marketing activities.

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The most challenging briefings – and important tips

The most challenging briefings – and important tips

Stefan Huber
May 19, 2022  •  8min. Reading Time

For us, one thing is certain: In content marketing, every successful campaign begins with a good briefing. But what actually distinguishes a good briefing from one that makes content creation difficult? These four types of challenging briefings provide some insight.

Why honesty in marketing is the best approach

Why honesty in marketing is the best approach

Stefan Huber
March 15, 2022  •  6min. Reading Time

Content marketing is an important tool for reaching target groups. Good content catches peoples attention, solves their problems, entertains or informs. But content marketing must be honest in order to have a lasting effect.

Page visits aren’t everything: Here’s how to get your readers to come back

Page visits aren’t everything: Here’s how to get your readers to come back

Stefan Huber
February 15, 2022  •  5min. Reading Time

Using content marketing to generate clicks on the landing page and boost sales? Unfortunately, it’s usually not that easy to make quick sales on the Internet. Instead, you need to become part of the relevant set: Because then readers become customers.

5 reasons why content marketing should be part of your strategy

5 reasons why content marketing should be part of your strategy

Stefan Huber
January 27, 2022  •  8min. Reading Time

More than three-quarters of B2B companies and more than half of B2C companies have increased their content marketing budget from 2020 to 2021. And rightly so, as our list of 5 good reasons for content marketing as part of strategy shows.


Erlebnisberg Golm

Erlebnisberg Golm

October 4, 2022

How do you demonstrate to a target group with a strong awareness of environmental protection what a “climate-neutral tourism area” has to offer in terms of sustainability and leisure activities? We found out.

XXL Sports & Outdoor

XXL Sports & Outdoor

July 27, 2022

With expert know-how to the perfect e-bike – and fabulous performance! How we wrote a listicle for XXL Sports & Outdoor that motivated readers to particularly high levels of commitment.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

October 13, 2020

In an two-phased approached insights were built via creating a theme environment that reported on travel recommendations in Abu Dhabi on the one hand and sunny travel destinations in general on the other. Readers were then targeted with brand content.

Care For Your Heart

Care For Your Heart

October 13, 2020

Using an editorial topic environment we filtered the relevant target group correctly and informing them about the risks of cardiovascular diseases because of type 2 diabetes. Above-average dwell time of the readers demonstrated success.

Styria Tourism

Styria Tourism

Daniel Mitterlehner
August 14, 2020

In three steps holiday stories with the readers’ favourite content, in the look and feel of Styria Tourism, were created and integrated into the CMS Pimcore by elements.



Daniel Mitterlehner
August 14, 2020

As a provider of a comprehensive network for the Internet of Things, T-Mobile was presented as an expert and first point of contact for the implementation of IoT projects.


meets technology

Story comes first. But what if we could leverage technology to show the right story to the right person more often? What if we could show not only one but multiple stories to learn what works? What if we could actually understand what makes a story work? Well, at Content Garden we use latest technology to do just that.

infinite possibilities

Infinite possibilities

What does “final” mean anyway in a world that never stops? We use technology to create real time variations of content to find out what works best and enhance the reader experience.
finally understanding

Finally understanding

Through natural language processing, computer vision and machine learning, we dig deep to understand what makes readers interact with content. Learnings are put to use throughout the production and delivery process.
play it smart

Play it smart

Delivering content in a growing network across numerous platforms and placements requires a smart way to protect media investment and drive performance. Our AI-powered, self-optimizing distribution engine balances key metrics during the campaign lifetime.

How we work


How does the briefing work?

Before we start creating the content for your campaign, we ask you to give us a briefing. Over time, we have identified critical information that will enable us to create just the right content. To guarantee a successful briefing, we have created a briefing template that covers all critical areas. First and foremost, we want to understand exactly what your product or service is, what makes it stand out, who the people are that you want to reach with your campaign, and what your goals are. We will also ask you about the tonality and the available resources. In addition, we will ask you to provide campaign details such as targeting or duration. Once we receive the briefing template, our content creation unit can start right away.

How do we optimize campaigns?

Optimization is the key to a successful campaign. Day after day we closely monitor your campaign and track its performance. Using an automated system, we evaluate the placement performance and work towards the optimal configuration. In addition, each campaign works with different A/B tests, ranging from teasers to articles and ads that lead to improved performance. A team of ad operations experts and content managers review each campaign on a weekly basis to ensure that we achieve the full potential of your campaign.

What does the reporting look like?

As soon as your campaign is up and running, we will keep you informed on a weekly basis. Since our delivery is based on an ad server, we track views and clicks not only for the teasers, but also for articles and ads within the content. In addition, we track engagement in various content components such as image galleries, embedded videos or quizzes. Every week, you will receive a handy pdf report containing an overview of the campaign as well as a detailed breakdown of the reader journey.

What are our recommendations for ads and trackings?

The good news first: We offer complete tracking for all “trackable” parts of your campaign. This way we’ve got teasers, articles and ads as well as engagement covered. This includes views, clicks, ctr, engagement, completion rates and so on. However, if you wish to implement your own (or your client’s) tracking, that’s also possible. You can use regular impression tracking for the teaser and the article, and click tracking for all ads in the form of simple (UTM) parameters or click commands. Speaking of ads: We recommend using display ads alongside your content for branding reasons. Just make sure you comply with IAB standards and provide us with ads for mobile and desktop. Our project managers will be happy to inform you about specific guidelines.

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We care for your campaign. We constantly track and optimize performance.


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